As a representative of ICT Cluster Burgas I attended the conference “2017 o’clock – Time to shoot your business to the Cloud (s)”. Cloudy technologies and services are the logical choice of business, because of the advantages they provide to the companies, it was one of the main lessons of the “2017 o’clock conference – Time to Shoot Your Business to the Cloud (s)”. The event took place on third of November 2016 at Inter Expo Center, focusing entirely on Cloud Services and their use by business users. The conference brought together representatives of Oracle, Balkan Services, NetSuite, Google and two Bulgarian agencies – Digital Marketing Group and Startup Masters.

“A lot of the Bulgarian managers are avoiding using Cloud Applications for their business, because the term “Cloud” sounds uncertain and unknown, like fog”, said the specialists from the Balta security, location or device independence, user flexibility, elasticity that allows more consumptikan Services. However, cloud business systems offer a number of advantages, which is why more and more companies prefer them. Among the main advantages of the Cloud are: cost savings, more times daon at peak loads, and so on. The final result for the companies is the fact that consumers have the opportunity to focus on their business.

The companies united around the idea that Bulgarian companies need more information about trends in Cloud Technology development as well as the advantages and risks of the Cloud directly affecting the business. They made a variety of presentations, answering the question of why we should plan our business in the Cloud.