The municipality of Burgas, via its company “Inovativni sistemi – Burgas” EOOD and ICT Cluster Burgas started joint initiative with Viber for promoting the city as a preferred maritime destination.

The municipality of Burgas today launches its first stickers on Viber – one of the world’s leading applications for communication. The citizens of Burgas and friends of the city will have the opportunity to express their feelings and moods and send them to their loves ones via 12 funny stickers at sea theme, promoting in such a way the city as a tourists’ destination.

The Burgas Municipality is the first in Bulgaria to use Viber to mark a key event for the region – the host of the European Maritime Day International Initiative (May 31 – June 1, 2018). The Mayor of Burgas, Dimitar Nikolov, together with Commissioner Maria Gabriel, Commissioner for Digital Economy and the Digital Society, will start the mass exchange of the Burgas Viber stickers on May 28th, at the opening of the hackatan “Digital City and Me” in Bourgas.

The whole week after that is dedicated to events and projects, related to the sea theme and the key initiative of the Integrated Maritime Policy of the European Union. This is “the week of Burgas” in the Bulgarian Presidency of the European Union Council, in which the city shall be the host of an event, organized together with the Committee of the Regions and the high level meeting with the ministers of the Black Sea countries, as well as a number of initiatives under the program of the Maritime Festival.

Viber is used by around 1 billion users globally and the leading mission of the application is to help for an easy and free communication, ensuring at the same time unique content. The colourful, funny and witty stickers of Viber are one of the most used tools for expressing emotions, Viber is sending globally over 300 000 stickers for 60 seconds.

Celebrities, such as the actor Vlado Karamazov, sports communities and popular brands use the stickers as a communication solution. However it is the first time when a municipality decides to attract the citizens to be active by using the Viber stickers. The funny stickers are developed by a team of young designers, programmers, animators, photographers, people who love their city and have been united around the idea of ICT Cluster Burgas, actively supported by the Burgas municipality and the municipal company “Inovazionni sistemi– Burgas” EOOD.

According to the creators of the Burgas Viber stickers, the idea and its successful realization are like a wink to the serous life and another occasion for just giving a smile.

Download the free sticker in Bulgarian here –
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