On the 8th of November in the literary club "Peroto" – National Palace of Culture, an official ceremony took place, in which the winners of this year's "Innovators in education" 2017 were announced. Over 50 projects participated in the ranking in the field of education. This year's organizer of the ranking is the ERP Academy and the ambition of the organizers is the presentation of the personalities, projects and initiatives with the biggest contributions to the introduction of new training methods, technological solutions and a good example of true dedication to the learning process that changes our perception of education, create new opportunities for learning and make learning more accessible and valuable to more people.


This year, the participants in the "Innovators in Education" rankings were divided into five categories, which were judged by a jury, an "Audience Award" category was also set, in which everyone who was willing, had the opportunity to vote for their favorites. The event started with the introduction of "Innovators in Education" by the leading Nedko Minkov, as well as an address to the participants and guests by Assoc. Prof. Natalia Futekova, Chair of the "Innovation in Education" 2017 and founder of the ERP Academy. The big winners in this year's edition of "Innovators in Education" are Stanimira Hristova with the project "Learning English is Fun!", The educational platform Daskal.eu, the project NEWTT – "New Path for New Talents in Education", SoftUni and Hackathon – Bourgas.


The "Innovators in Education" ranking has the ambition to provoke a public discussion about the need for a change in the field of education that will help both today's students to be more prepared and successful in life and our society to be more competitive and sustainable .