ICT Cluster Burgas actively supported the initiative

For a third consecutive year, the Burgas Municipality will support the development of human potential and the business in Burgas in the field of information and communication technologies. The municipal council accepted the memorandum of Mayor Dimitar Nikolov on the financial support for the training of 125 students in the field of IT, with educational-qualification degree “Bachelor” – 50 students from “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov”, first to third year with specialty “Computer Science” and “Software engineering” and 75 (seventy five) students from the Burgas Free University from first to third courses, with specialty “Informatics and Computer Sciences” and  “Software engineering” with funds covering the cost of the semester fees.

During this year, the number of supported students in BFU increased by 25 for the excellent results of the initiative and its strong interest in it.

“We support the young people in Burgas and the region who are thirsty for knowledge and professional skills, as well as motivating IT businesses not only to enter the city but also to expand, to hire more qualified employees for their companies and projects, to invest in their professional development education. To confirm Burgas’s reputation as an excellent place for innovative technologies, services and environment”, stated Petko Georgiev, president of ICT Cluster-Burgas, and town councilor in Burgas.

The supported students have high grades, excellent academic achievements and a strong interest in the IT sector..

The opinion of the students who receive a scholarship from the Municipality of Burgas is that they accept it not only as financial support but as a sign that they are valued and important for Burgas and the region. The support motivates them to be even better in their learnings. The scholars have the confidence of future IT specialists and current talents and fall right into the eyes of IT companies who have set foot in Burgas in recent years or are about to do so very soon and companies who are developing their activities successfully and are in need of specialists to work with.