Dear friends, colleagues and citizens of Burgas,

On the eve of one of our brightest festivals – 24 May I would like to call on you to support the European future of Burgas.
I support the candidacy of Ivelina Vassileva as a Member of the European Parliament.
She is a proven professional, a real friend and a person and last but not least – a Burgas citizen!

You can be absolutely sure that if selected, she will work hard for:

– A clean and healthy environment
– Introduction and development of new technologies and innovations
– European funds in the next programming period 2021-2027.
– Protect the interests of every Bulgarian citizen.

When there is good interaction between local government, government, parliament and the European institutions, every settlement is changing for the better.

May this Sunday, 26 May, We all together to show that the road to Europe passes through Burgas!
Because Burgas is Europe!

✔12 in the ballot
✔109 preference

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