What is intelligent behavior? How can machines communicate between each other? One of the challenges in computers is to get them  to demonstrate intelligent behavior so that they can solve new problems or deal with the unknown.

Profile of the speciality:
Master’s program in specialty „Artificial Intelligence and Robotics”provides the graduates with a degree of knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and introduces them to the problems and different modern views related to these areas of knowledge. The education includes courses on stochastic methods, logical systems, knowledge management, software agents, neural networks, machine training, intelligent decision making, robotics, sensor systems, mobile robot mechanics and systems resistant to failures. In the education, the main focus is the orientation towards realization of specific tasks and solutions, which also includes course projects on processing of natural languages, embedded and autonomous systems, 3D printing and cognitive robotics.In practical terms, Masters in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics also learn the principles of team work, direction to solving specific non-traditional problems, adaptability to change and vision for future development.

For Bachelor Degree in Science 4. Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics is 2 semesters (one year) and ends with a diploma thesis, for Bachelor of Science degree 5. Technical Sciences and 3. Social, Economic and Legal Studies is 4 semesters (two years) and ends with a diploma thesis.

The admission in the master program in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is with documents – with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.