During October 2017, the Department of Computer Systems and Technologies at “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov” University in Burgas started a master program “Information Technologies in Management and Transformation of Business Processes”.

The IT sector in Bulgaria has the highest salaries for beginners and experienced professionals, but the shortage of professionals is tangible. The new Master’s program gives students the chance to acquire in-depth knowledge and skills in information technology and related business processes.

The learning process has a strong practical focus. International companies in the field of IT & Outsourcing will take active part in it and the lecturers are some of the most experienced specialists in the field in our country.

The program includes four of the leading ERP systems – Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), SAP ERP, ORACLE ERP and Bulgarian EnterpriseOne® ERP. The lying practical exercises in the course specify and reinforce theoretical knowledge and allow the acquisition of practical skills for working with the most common systems. The course focuses on the most advanced aspects of ERP systems development, including their integration with the communication infrastructure, the mobility and creation of ecosystems for application development and others.

The Master’s Program “Information Technologies in Management and Transformation of Business Processes” comes in two variants. The first one is for bachelors and master students who have graduated from economics, the training is 4 semesters. The second is for bachelors in technical specialties and lasts for 3 semesters.

The new program is fully synchronized with the needs of the business. In the development of the curriculum, besides university lecturers, active partisipants are also the representatives of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association, the ERP Academy and the Advisory Board for the Development of Information Technologies and the Outsourcing Industry to the Mayor of Burgas Municipality,and representatives of international companies in the field of IT and outsourcing will be actively involved in the training process itself. The initiative is of the mayor Dimitar Nikolov, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association – Stanimir Nikolov and Mrs. Magdalena Mitkova, Rector of the University.