MEP Andrey Novakov and Mayor Dimitar Nikolov took part in a discussion “European Opportunities for Young Entrepreneurs in Burgas”. They have explained to young people the financial opportunities that the EU provides for innovation and business start-up, which can be used by iniciative people aspiring to career development.

The options of the new “Aleko” program, whose financial resources amounted to 1 million euros, were presented in detail. It is aimed at young entrepreneurs and was adopted by the EC at the suggestion of MEP Andrey Novakov. Through it, up to 200 people from Europe and Bulgaria will have the opportunity to travel to countries such as the United States, Singapore and Israel, gain experience in large companies and, after returning to their home country, implement it by setting up their own companies.

„Burgas is the most accurate example of how to illustrate what could happen with European funds and a proactive and enterprising ruler”, Andrei Novakov said during the meeting.

The discussion was attended by Deputy Mayor of European Policies and Environment Ruska Boyadjieva, Deputy Governor Prof. Sevdalina Tourmanova, Prof. Milen Baltov from BSU and Young Entrepreneurs in the IT Sector Petko Georgiev and Emil Pramatarov.

The discussion is part of the events included in the “Days of Europe” program organized by the Regional Information Center – Burgas.