The host of “Hackathon Burgas” was again the Prof. Asen Zlatarov University (the “Computer Systems and Technologies” department, “Computer and Information Technologies” department and the Student Council at the University), in partnership with the Municipality of Burgas, Company TechnoLogica, Prof. “Nikola Obreshkov” High School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Professional High School of Mechanics and Electronics, “Konstantin Fotinov” Professional High School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, “Innovative Systems – Burgas” Ltd.

The competition included 17 teams with a total of 60 participants who received valuable guidance and knowledge through specialized workshop sessions and presentations as well as numerous awards from the sponsors of the event: TechnoLogica, Musala Soft, “Deva Maria” Hospital, “ICT” Cluster, Codific Ltd, J-SOFT Ltd., “ERP Bulgaria” Ltd., “EPAM”, “Bulgarian Outsourcing Association”, “ScaleFocus”, “Sutherland”, “Komplex 2000” Ltd.

All participating teams showed exceptional skills and creative thinking, developing and presenting their innovative projects in the span of the 3-day event. This way the goal of the initiative was achieved – to stimulate the implementation of modern technologies in people’s everyday life and the city way of life, as well as to contribute to the development of the IT community in Burgas. The theme of the event is realised successfully and as a part of the Burgas Мunicipality initiatives, connected with the “Sharing Cities” project, by the program “Horizont 2020”, in which we participate as a follower city exchanging new knowladge and experience in the field of application of smart technologies and innovative solutions in the urban environment.

Ranking of the awarded teams again took place in two categories:

Stundents Ranking:

First place: Team Phoenix

Veselin Svetoslav Tsvetkov, Georgi Stoyanov Shavov, Kaloyan Rosenov Terziev, Martin Krassimirov Tsvetkov – “Nikola Obreshkov” – Bourgas with the development of a prototype of intelligent lighting pillar and a system for monitoring and management.

Second place: Team SmartBoys

Aleksandar Sisak Philesian, Dimitar Ivaylov Dechev, Dimo Nikolaev Dimov – “Nikola Obreshkov” – Bourgas, with proposal for application for planning of routes in the city by bicycle, bus and on foot.

Third place: Team Untitled1

Vesselin Kaloyanov Karaganev, Lyubomir Veselinov Marinski – “Academician Nikola Obreshkov”, with the idea of an urban platform uniting the information about the town and feedback from the citizens.

Prizes were also awarded in the following categories:

1. Most emotional presentation: 

Team IndexOutOfRange (Nedyalko Zhivkov Tenev, Borimir Evelinov Georgiev, Miroslav Kostadinov Patrashkov
– Prof. Mathematics High School “Academician Nikola obreshkov”)

2. Smart person: 

Team 2B||!2B (Dimitar Dimitrov Kostov, Rayko Ivanov Dachev – Prof. Mathematics High School “Academician Nikola obreshkov”)

3. Business idea:

Team DucktSoft (Victoria Marinova Koleva, Dimitar Petrov Gugov, Dobrin Mitkov Vladev, Kalin Kirilov Krumov, Kaloyan Radoslavov Hristov, Petar Asenov Dimitrov – Profesional School Electrical and Electronics Konstantin Fotinov Burgas)


Team f(x)= Too Cool For You (Plamen Stefanov Berberov, Stefan Veselinov Georgiev – Prof. Mathematics High School “Academician Nikola obreshkov”)


Team UTP (Galina Svetoslavova Ivanova, Kiril Ganev Genchev, Mariyan Ganev Genchev, Nikolay Nikolaev Panov, Petar Stoyanov Dimitrov, Filip Emilov Emilov, Hristin Hristinov Zhelyazkov – Profesional School Electrical and Electronics and  Professional School Of Mechanical Electrical Engineering And Electronics)


Team 100  (Koicho Ivov Georgiev, Hristo Georgiev Bakardjiev – Prof. Mathematics High School “Academician Nikola obreshkov” and High school teaching English “Geo Milev”)


Team MonoCode (Ivan Nikov Apostolov, Christian Mateev Popov – “Academician Nikola obreshkov”)

Ranking of university students:

First place: Team GreenTeam

Angel Veselinov Zhelyazkov, Dimitar Bozhidarov Delyakov, Zhelyana Yordanova Ivanova, Zhivko Zdravkov Panayotov, Konstantin Penkov Stoyanov, Krasen Dimitrov Dimitrov, Stanislav Dimitrov Mihalev – Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov University, with the idea of a system for ensuring security and order in the city of SmartDrone

Second place: Team Team_std: : cout”Focus”

Emil Zhelyazkov Marinov, Mihail Hristov Dimitrov – Prof. Assen Zlatarov University, with demo for chat bot.

Third place: Team Geeks

Albena Mavrova Mavrova, Georgi Bozhidarov Cholakov, Kiril Ivanov Shterev, Rumyana Ivanova Shtereva

Prizes for the categories:


Team SmartCom (Demeile Kemal Musa, Marin Ivanov Georgiev, Mirem Kadir Smahil, Mitko Ivanov Ivanov, Mustafa Ahmed Ebazir, Nilele Feim Habibula, Petko Lazarov Marinov – Prof. Assen Zlatarov University)


Team Atom (Atanas Zlatanov Zhelev, Dimitar Rosenov Yanakiev, Krassimir Radostinov Vatev – Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov University)


Team Smart Doctor (Nikita Efimenko Fedorovich, Fedor Efimenko Fedorovich – Burgas Free University)


Team East Side Coders (Georgi Angelov Markovski, Teodor Georgiev Draganov – Burgas Free University, Sofia University).