At the workshop we held today with the MLSP and the ICT clusters from Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna, we were able to formulate requests and made a lot of suggestions on what ICT clusters would be needed as funding so that we could be more successful and productive.

At the suggestion of Deputy Minister Zornitsa Rusinova we have a representative of ICT Clusters in Bulgaria before a committee of the MLSP and will conduct communication to finalize the details of the proposals of the meeting today and their transformation into a program for ICT financing Clusters.

My nomination for a representative was erected by Assoc. Prof. Ivaylo Staribratov – a member of the ICT Cluster Plovdiv Board and unanimously accepted by the other representatives of the ICT Clusters. We received an invitation from the Executive Director of ICT Cluster – Sofia, Mrs. Anna Naydenova, for a second workshop in November in Sofia.

For a number of years, we have been working hard and actively to make our city an attractive place for ICT business and to motivate knowledgeable and capable people to embark on their successful career in one of the most promising and modern professions – communication specialists.

ТThis is the reason to create ICT Cluster – Burgas, to strive every day to enable and discover new horizons for anyone who wants to learn, acquire professional experience and make their dreams come true for a better life and career.

This could not happen without the support of the Municipality of Burgas and the mayor Dimitar Nikolov, the colleagues from the Municipal Council, all the partners, enthusiasts and associates around us.

Thank you personally for the opportunity to develop the economy of Bulgaria and to fulfill our dreams!