The Forum was organized by the “Digitalization and Implementation of New Technologies” Foundation, together with the municipality of Burgas and was realized with the support of the Bulgarian-American Credit Bank.

”Flora” Expositional Center gathered on one place both, the representatives of the local authority and the local universities, as well as business representatives with interests in the area of digital technologies. The conference was officially opened by Mrs. Ruska Boyadzhieva, Deputy-Mayer of the municipality of Burgas, and the policy of the municipality of Burgas related to the development of digitalization in all areas of public life and business was represented by Mrs. Ivelina Stratieva.

The event passed under the form of free discussion, accompanied by the short presentations of the lecturers. The path of transformation – how do the new business needs define the specialties in the area of digitalization in the Burgas Free University was presented by Professor Dr. Milen Baltov. The activity of “Professor Asen Zlatarov” University, was presented by Professor Dr. Simeon Simeonov.The panel was moderated by Mrs. Natalia Futekova fromERP Academy.

he work opportunities and the challenges in the region of Burgas, in terms of the foreign companies in Bulgaria, engineering of the digital future forms of cooperation via partnership programs – the new horizons and opportunitieswere outlined in an interesting discussion with Stanimir Nikolov fromEPAM Bulgaria, Georgi Georgiev from Yavna&Disavaand Petko Georgiev from ICT Cluster Burgas.

In the third panel, led by the moderator Lilia Dimitrova from Frontex International, the interest was provoked by Aleskandar Dimitrov with BACB Plus – the first virtual bank that offers entirely digitalized bank services in Bulgaria. Metodi Amov from ScaleFocus spoke for the bigdata.

Nadya Terzieva represented the activity of EDIT.bgon a national scale for improving the linking network between the entrepreneurs in the digital area.

The basic accents in the discussion panel were the ongoing state of the digital ecosystem and entrepreneurship in the region. The participants made presentations of good practices and during the discussions panels some interesting ideas and suggestions were born in relation to the path that the region of Burgas should develop during the next decade in the area of digitalization and entrepreneurship support.

The “Digitalization and Implementation of New Technologies” Foundation (DINT Foundation) was created with the aim to support and develop the digital ecosystems and entrepreneurship in Bulgaria with a focus over the region of Burgas. The mission of the foundation is to realize a complete digital transformation in Bulgaria during the next decade.