The creation and development of your own business has never been easier and more achievable. Nowadays, the exchange of ideas, the quick reaction and the rich information available, based on the use of modern technology, helps every beginner find their own market niche, create value and reach their potential customers. At the same time, however, the dynamic market situation, the relatively small Bulgarian market, as well as the fierce competition lead to discouragement of the young entrepreneurs, leading to taking wrong business decisions and hard access to the realization of their offered products and services.

Not being knowledgeable on basic business rules, and having little life and management experience of start-up businesses and the people who run them often leads to the failure of perspective business ideas or projects.

It takes little on-time support for the people who set up their own business to look outside the horizon and believe it is possible to be successful.
“Entrepreneurs in Action” is a team of adherents who know the business processes and business environment in Bulgaria and who want to share their experience and knowledge with anyone who wants to successfully implement their business ideas. Partners in the project are we, ICT Cluster Burgas and the ProWay Communications Agency, which we have proven over the years that we work professionally and help businesses and entrepreneurs be sustainable and profitable.
We will offer quality practical training for beginner entrepreneurs and then individual work to create specific business plans for those who will believe that their own business is their element.
On February 18, “Entrepreneurs in Action” launched in Sliven on the biggest entrepreneurial “trip” in Southeastern Bulgaria. Within a month, we will meet and motivate the people of Burgas, Yambol, Sliven, Stara Zagora, Elhovo, Kazanlak, Pomorie, Aytos and Karnobat to join the training sessions with business and university lecturers, which will be held from April to September 2019
In order for us to be as useful as possible, we will walk around the university halls and the largest cities in the region, as well as the smallest villages, if we meet waking and adventurous Bulgarians there, regardless of their education, employment and age.
For six months, we have set our ambitious goal of training at least 170 future entrepreneurs, hoping to “bring birth” to the Bulgarian Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Elon Musk.
Join “Entrepreneurs in Action” to build the foundations of the successful entrepreneurial model of Southeastern Bulgaria together!

The Project “Providing Effective Support for Entrepreneurship” is implemented by the leading partner “Cluster Information and Communication Technologies Burgas” and by the partner ProWay Agency Ltd. and is financed by the procedure BG05M9OP001-1.023 “Support for Entrepreneurship” under Operational Program “Development of Human Resources “.