ICT Cluster Burgas sponsor of Hakaton 2017. Interesting innovative solutions were offered by the participants in this year’s “Hakaton” 2017, where people with interests in software development, design and information technology present their ideas.

The competition was held from 24 to 26 March at the University “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov” and the organizers were the Municipality of Burgas, vocational schools from the city and representatives of the IT sector. The topic of “Hakaton” – 2017 was “Creating software applications for the environment of Bourgas.” Sponsors of the event were the Municipality of Burgas, TechnoLogica Musala Soft, St. Mary Hospital, ICT Cluster Burgas, Kodifik, J-Soft ERP Bulgaria, Sutherland. Among the students, the first place was taken by the team of PPMG Untitled1 – with representatives from 8 to 10 grades.

The second place was shared between IndexOutOfRange PPMG and the ninth-graders from 2B ||! 2B – also from PPMG. The third place was for The forest rangers, formed by alumni from PPMG and AEG, and the 12-grade team from PGMEE.

In the category “Best Idea for municipal parks and areas” the award went to the competitors from PGHT “Acad.** Zelinskiy”.

The prize “Idea with a healthy effect” was awarded to the Pheonix team from PPMG – Burgas.
The jury awarded two prizes in the category “Contribution to the Municipality.” Their holders were the teams of Infra Blue – “Konstantin Preslavski” Primary School and DucktSoft – PHSEE “K.Fotinov”.

The most original interface was created by the contestants from Pure Silicon – PPMG.

The authors of the best game in “Hakaton” – 2017 are representatives of the All-Star from PPMG.

The prize “The youngest participant” went to Angel Veselinov Zheliazkov – sixth grade from “Georgi Benkovski” Primary School. He competed for the GreenTeam. Recognition for participation received the team Bicode from PPMG.

Among the university students, the first place was shared between GreenTeam and EcoSoft, and the second position is for the representatives of Noname. All three teams are from “Prof. Zlatarov” University.

source: dariknews.bg