Yesterday the Municipal Council – Burgas supported the proposal of the GERB advisers to support the training of 100 students in the IT sector. Why, however, there has been a serious debate on the proposal and how Burgas can become the attractive place for the modern industry – here are our 5 important answers:


Burgas and Bulgaria have great potential for development and are an attractive destination for companies in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. However, this can only be a sustainable model of employment and prosperity if we have prepared employees and entrepreneurs. Burgas will support its smart students and tomorrow they will support our community by staying here with their families, developing business ideas and projects, creating jobs.


Burgas is a university center with traditions and innovative spirit. Without supporting the educational institutions, however, in their struggle for the interest and attention of the students, we can not be successful as leaders of this city. Support for 100 students is just one of the initial steps to succeed in finding and retaining talents. In the coming years this gesture will be returned to us – future specialists will “pass on” their drive, knowledge and skills to the next.


If we look at the world, we will see the trend that technologies are the most successful and profitable business that creates jobs, pays taxes and supports local communities. By supporting young ICT specialists, we invest in the development of clean and intelligent technologies that do not pollute the environment and are the basis for the transformation of Burgas and the region into the ICT center of Bulgaria.


We have the unique chance to have a synergy between political will, young people’s desire to learn and succeed, and the development of our city. The minimum financial resources we will spend to cover the fees of talented students is negligible compared to the benefits our community will have.


And while on the day when the City Council is arguing whether to support the education of young people and enter retail, our city was presented at the highest level by Mayor Dimitar Nikolov and his colleagues at the most authoritative international ICT event in Bulgaria – Webit.Festival Europe (Sofia, 25-26.04.2017). Over 5000 participants from 90 countries have heard first-hand the success of Burgas to attract business and talent, and have put our city on the map of the potential places where it is worth developing your business. Our vision of the successful road to Burgas should go beyond the limits we set, look for results and solve the challenges ahead.

Petko Georgiev
Chairman of ICT Cluster – Burgas and municipal councilor