This week on 14th March in the city of Thun, Switzerland, we visited the vocational school, which has been successfully holding the dual system education on “Domino project”, which aims at creating a legal basis and capacity building for successful inplementation of dual vocational education in secondary schools that meets most ot the needs of the business.

Here, more than 3,100 students attend classes each week. We received helpful information about the education and practices, that are applied among students and Swiss business. I myself gave a T-shirt“I love Burgas”, to the director of the school Mr. Ben Hyuter, which he promised to wear in the summer when he visited Burgas beach.

On 15th March, 2017 in the city of Lenzburg, Switzerlandm a business forum, organized by the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Swiss-Bulgarian Business Club was held. ICT Cluster – Burgas is now official member of the BSCC. This enables companies of all cluster members to interact with more than 120 comapnies representatives of the Swiss business, as well as dozens of other Bulgarian comapnies operating in Switzerland. Togethe with the President of the BSCC Mr. Boni Bonev, we talked about the opportunities for outsourcing BPO, ITO and others from the Swiss side to Bourgas. There has been already declared interest by companies and further negotiatians are pending. As a member of the Public Council on outsourcing in Burgas I personally acquainted the Mayor of Lenzburg Mr. Hans Huber to the opportunities for outsourcing business that Burgas offers.

On 16th March 2017, in the largest vocational school on Canton Bern, Bulgarian Embassy in Berned organized a forum dedicated to the project„Domino“, to introduce elements of the dual system of vocational education of Switzerland in Bulgaria. It was attended by several representatives of the Swiss business, including the chairman of the Board of the directors of LEM Holding, Mr. Andreas Hyurliman and the head of the Department of Human Resources Development of Nestle Bulgaria, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Ms. Elena Kostova.

The Swiss cities which we visited, and the business representatives that we met, reveal many new opportunities for interaction and business with Burgas. We established contacts and set the foundation, and now we have a lot of work to do.

P.S. We tried fondue, chocolate, admired the beautiful scenery and attractions but, unfortunately, we did not see any marmots 🙂